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                News and Publitions

                View the latest news and updates from CHEP here, including CHEP’s annual report on the nadian hatching egg industry and updates on trade negotiations.

                Apr 13, 2021 NewsPublitions

                Newly announced egg and poultry programs to support economic activity and growth in communities across nada.

                nada’s 4,800 egg and poultry farmers welcome today’s announcement of the two new programs that have been created by Agriculture and Agri-Food nada to mitigate the market impacts used by the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) over the next 10 years.

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                Feb 4, 2021 NewsPublitions

                nadian Hatching Egg Producers announces Donation to Food Banks nada to help with COVID-19 response

                Today the nadian Hatching Egg Producers (CHEP) announced a $50,000 donation to Food Banks nada

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                Nov 28, 2020 NewsPublitions

                Poultry and egg farmers welcome the federal government’s announcement

                nada’s 4,700 egg and poultry farmers appreciate today’s

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                Sep 24, 2020 NewsPublitions

                Poultry and egg farmers statement on the Speech from the Throne

                nada’s 4,700 poultry and egg farmers welcome

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